Concave Digital Solutions 2022 Impact Report: Driving Sustainability and Empowerment Through Artisan Network and Partnerships

Concave Digital Solutions (CDS) has released its 2022 Impact Report which gives insight into the brand’s remarkable contribution to 12 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by United Nations.

Concave Digital Solutions, which currently banners three diverse brands, Concave Craft, Concave Naturals, and Truly Pakistan, has made noteworthy progress to help empower our community.

Their major goals and initiatives were centered around empowering women, accelerating innovation and technology, preserving the cultural and historical heritage, making climate-vulnerable communities more climate-resilient, embracing well-being and health, and promoting economic growth and security.

The report sheds light on the diverse and progressive ventures and partnerships CDS embarked on to be successful in creating a sustainable and secure future for the entire community.

With an artisan network of more than 2,000 and females making up more than 70% of that figure, CDS has more than 1,000 products that reflect the company’s inclusivity and sustainability efforts.

Additionally, their partnerships with higher educational institutes give them the advantage to ingress into society and develop valuable skills amongst the community to elevate our economic and social aspects.

To download the report, click here.

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