EU Announces New Visa System for Schengen Area

The European Union (EU) has ratified a new online visa system to facilitate the citizens of third countries who are allowed to enter Schengen countries visa-free or with a short-term visa.

According to the details, the new online visa system will be launched later this year. Once in place, the above-mentioned category of travelers will no longer be required to get physical stamps on their passports when entering or exiting the Schengen area.

Instead, the Entry/Exit System (ESS) will keep track of them. The ESS will record information such as name, picture, type of travel document, date of entry/exit, place of entry/exit, and period of stay.

The ESS aims to revolutionize the processes that the nationals of third countries are required to follow after entering the Schengen area. It also envisions empowering these travelers to enter/exit Schengen countries with ease.

In a recent statement, the EU Parliament announced the adoption of the report on digitalizing visa processes in the Schengen area with 34 votes in favor, 5 against, and 20 abstentions.

Moreover, the EU Parliament emphasized that digitizing the visa application procedure would guarantee uniform practices across the EU.

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