Police Becomes Laughing Stock After Officer’s Car Gets Stolen From a Station

A police officer’s car got stolen from the parking lot of a police station in Islamabad yesterday. 24News HD updated yesterday that a police officer named Mohammad Nadeem fell victim to car theft.

Amazingly, the incident took place within the lion’s den — outside Koral Police Station in the presence of guards stationed at the gate near the parking lot. The report didn’t specify whether the area was under CCTV surveillance or not.

Such incidents of police officers’ cars and motorcycles being stolen have become alarmingly common lately, causing concern among the people who depend on the police to uphold law and order.

Concurrently, people are also ridiculing the authorities for not being able to safeguard their own stations from theft. They are of the view that the lack of security within the station is a testament to the police’s incompetence.

Police Station Koral has filed a case against the theft and is in active pursuit of the thieves to bring them to justice and recover the officer’s car.

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