T-Mobile will soon force you to switch from your Sprint SIM card

As impressive as it is that some customers are still using a Sprint SIM card in 2023, its days are numbered. According to a document shared by The T-Mo Report, T-Mobile started sending legal notices to impacted customers on February 1, informing them that Sprint SIMs will reach “End of Life” status on May 1. If they don’t replace their SIM cards prior to that date, they could risk their service being interrupted, as the SIM cards will stop working.

Replace your Sprint SIM card by May 1

Shortly after T-Mobile acquired Sprint in 2020, the carrier discontinued the Sprint brand. Since that day, there haven’t been any new Sprint customers, but some stubborn legacy users have hung on to their SIM cards after all these years. At long last, their collective journey ends.

These are the key dates for Sprint SIM card users to know, according to T-Mobile:

  • February 1 & March 1: Impacted customers will receive SMS/email notifications that includes a link to a support page with details and instructions on how to TNX or upgrade their incompatible device.
  • April 3: Customers will receive a 3rd legal notice reminder in the mail (SMS/email notification will be sent as backup).
  • May 1: Customers without a T-Mobile SIM will lose service.

If you are still using a Sprint SIM card on a device that is compatible with T-Mobile’s network, the carrier will swap your SIM for free. If your device is incompatible, T-Mobile might offer you a free device that will operate on its network — something like the REVVL V+ 5G.

You probably aren’t still using a Sprint SIM card after all these years, but if you happen to know someone who is, do us a favor and let them know it’s time to move on. Not only will they lose service, but they won’t even be able to call 911 in some cases.

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