Daihatsu to Launch a Suzuki Jimny Competitor This Year

Daihatsu will launch a boxy K-segment off-road SUV later this year to compete with Suzuki Jimny.

According to Best Car Web, the SUV — dubbed Daihatsu Rugger — will prioritize tough looks over proper off-roading capabilities, unlike Suzuki Jimny. It will borrow a DNGA platform from the Taft crossover rather than a ladder-frame chassis like the Jimny.

The report adds that Rugger would have an on-demand all-wheel drive (AWD) system like the Taft. Other than that, it will remain front-wheel drive (FWD).

Rendered Image

Jimny, on the other hand, has rear-wheel drive with a proper four-wheel drive mode and a lockable differential. However, given its crossover-based platform, the Rugger may be more comfortable on regular roads than the Jimny.

Daihatsu will resurrect the Rugger nameplate after almost 3 decades. The SUV briefly existed in Pakistan with the ‘Rocky’ nameplate, whereas Japan renamed the Rugger to Toyota Blizzard.

1989 Daihatsu Rock/Rugger

Japanese media expected the revival of Rugger in 2022, but its development was delayed to mid-2023. The scribe expects the all-new Daihatsu Rugger to cost the equivalent of Rs. 3.1 million to Rs. 4.1 million, similar to the Japanese Jimny.

Currently, it is unknown if Rugger will remain exclusive to Japan or go worldwide. In the latter case, it could become a threat to the world-famous Suzuki Jimny.

Note: The featured image is not of the final version and is only for illustration purposes.

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