French Company Develops Battery That Can be Used in E-Bikes and Repaired in 10 Minutes

The cost of electric bike batteries can be quite high, and the recycling process presents a number of challenges. In many cases, even a single defective component, such as a circuit board or a cell, can render the entire battery unusable and force it to be scrapped.

Gouach — a French e-bike battery maker — is working to address this issue by redesigning the battery pack. Usually, battery makers save money by soldering the cells together to create a non-repairable battery pack.

Gouach has designed a battery pack that allows access to unwelded individual cells. The company claims the battery has “no spot-weld technology” and “minimum components for easy repair and recycling.”

The French battery maker claims that its batteries can be opened and repaired in under 10 minutes, which is much better than having to wait days or weeks for a new battery pack. This solution is also much more economical, compared to buying a new battery for a huge amount.

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Gouach’s rechargeable batteries come in four capacities — 420Wh, 430Wh, 540Wh, and 560Wh. The company may pilot this new battery tech in ride-sharing schemes before launching it on a massive scale.

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