You Can Now Buy Motorbikes in Islamabad for Rs. 400 Per Kilogram

Pakistan is currently experiencing the worst case of inflation in its history, resulting in a massive increase in the prices of petrol, as well as new cars and bikes.

Fortunately, for old-bike owners and buyers, a local auction in Islamabad is offering bike parts for as low as Rs. 400 per kilogram. The auction is located at an empty plot near I-8/4 Markaz, adjacent to Masjid Babul Ilm.

According to several visitors and buyers, the auction rates are incredibly reasonable, especially given the ongoing inflation. One of the buyers told UrduPoint that he buys entire bikes from this auction in disassembled form. He then puts these bikes back together and sells them to people, or uses them for himself.

According to details, the auction was arranged by Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICTP). It included parts from over 5,000 confiscated and disassembled bikes.

One of the regular visitors advised against sourcing bike parts from the auction to assemble and sell bikes. He reasoned that these bikes do not have proper documentation and are, hence, illegal. Yet, several people assemble bikes by sourcing parts from these auctions.

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