China to Produce World’s First EV With a Semi-Solid State Battery

Solid-state batteries may be the next big thing in the automotive industry, but experts are still skeptical. Still, Seres — backed by Huawei and DFSK — announced a new Seres 5 SUV with a 90kWh semi-solid state battery pack and 530 km WLTP range.

The Ganfeng Lithium ternary semi-solid state battery will debut in the updated Seres 5 SUV in 2023. Huawei’s nationwide showroom network will sell Aito EVs and the Seres 5.

The company only revealed that the new battery uses a proprietary advanced material and solid-state technology to improve battery safety and energy density. With a 90 kWh pack, Seres 5 will be able to travel up to 530 km.

Ganfeng Lithium is building the largest solid-state battery production facility in China with a 20 GWh battery manufacturing site.

Other than the advanced battery tech, Seres 5 also has other cutting-edge features. The company’s partnership with RoboSense will equip all Seres EVs with LiDAR sensors, starting with the Seres 5 SUV.

Late last year, a Chinese automaker, Nio failed to release the ET7 electric SUV with the 150kWh semi-solid state battery and 1,000km range due to battery reliability issues. Whether or not Seres 5 will see the same fate, remains to be seen.

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