Javed Miandad Clarifies Explosive ‘India Can Go to Hell’ Comment

Former Pakistani cricketer, Javed Miandad has clarified his recent statement about India in light of the controversy surrounding the Asia Cup 2023 venue.

Javed Miandad told the media that his intention in using the word “hell” was that if the neighboring country does not want to participate, Pakistan has no problem.

The legendary batter shed light on the Pakistan-India relationship, stating that everyone in India wants to see the arch-rivals play cricket in their respective countries.

“If they think that their (India) not coming to Pakistan makes any difference, let me tell you that it does not. That is what I meant. We are independent,” he clarified.

The former captain added that Pakistan has produced world-class players not only in cricket but in all sports and that the entire world recognizes this fact.

The Karachi-born cricketer went on to say that while Pakistan will not benefit from India’s visit, the cricketing relationship between the neighbors should be positive.

“I went and met Bal Thackeray in his house. He was so nice to me. I did nine programs, even on the roads. Everything went by without a glitch,” Miandad added.

The former right-hander noted that some people in India twisted his statement, but he was relieved that not everyone in India interpreted it negatively.

It is worth noting that Miandad, after BCCI’s statement regarding Asia Cups, had stated, “India can go to hell if they do not want to come to Pakistan to play cricket.”

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