Petrol Too Expensive? Here Are Most Affordable Electric Bikes in Pakistan

With inflation at an all-time high, many Pakistanis are looking to switch from cars to bikes. Although, traditional motorcycles are also becoming an impractical option due to mounting fuel prices. Therefore many people have taken the leap of faith by switching to electric bikes (e-bikes).

In the past year, the number of electric bike makers has increased drastically, along with their popularity. Pakistan currently has 18,000 electric bikes on the road and their popularity is rising rapidly in urban areas.

Currently, these electric bikes are available for sale in Pakistan:


Jolta has quickly become the most recognizable e-bike company in Pakistan. The company rose to prominence in 2021 with the debut of its first electric bike, the JE 70.

Since its debut, the company has sold over 10,000 electric bikes in Pakistan. However, there have been reports of some bikes catching fire or developing other problems.

Still, Jolta is the biggest e-bike company in Pakistan by sales. Its lineup is as follows:

ModelsPrice (Rs.)Top-Speed (km/h)Range (Kilometers)Charge TimeBattery
JEC Cycle42,50035303 HoursLithium-ion
JE 70179,000-199,0006080-902.5 HoursLithium-ion
JE 100 L219,000651102.5 HoursLithium-ion
JE 125 L249,000751102.5 HoursLithium-ion
JES 49D Scooter145,0005570OvernightEV Dry Gel
JES 49L Scooter185,00055802.5 HoursLithium-ion


A Lahore-based electric bike manufacturer, Pakzon is a direct competitor to Jolta, with a similar lineup of electric bikes. Here are the products that it offers:


ModelsPrice (Rs.)Top-Speed (km/h)Range (Kilometers)Charge TimeBattery
PE-Scooty-D130,0007080OvernightEV Dry Gel
PE 70D125,0006065OvernightEV Dry Gel
PE 70L175,00075803 HoursLithium-ion
PE 100L249,00080904 HoursLithium-ion

MS Jaguar

MS Jaguar also began work on electric bikes in 2021 and has the same bike lineup as the previous entries. Its offerings are as follows:

ModelsPrice (Rs.)Top-Speed (km/h)Range (Kilometers)Charge TimeBattery
MS E-Scooter129,9006070OvernightEV Dry Gel
MS E 70163,900801003 HoursLFP
MS E 125234,900901703 HoursLFP
E-Heavy Bike259,900801003.5 HoursLFP


Mega Bikes

The lineup of Mega Bikes is as follows:

ModelsPrice (Rs.)Top-Speed (km/h)Range (Kilometers)Charge TimeBattery
Electric Bicycle34,99730404 HoursEV Dry Gel
Scooty114,99750605 HoursEV Dry Gel
Sports E-Bike189,99770707 HoursEV Dry Gel


Vlektra also burst onto the two-wheeler scene less than 2 years ago with its lineup of sporty electric two-wheelers. It is also planning to begin production of those electric bikes in Pakistan soon. Vlektra’s current lineup includes the following bikes:

ModelsPrice (Rs.)Top-Speed (km/h)Range (Kilometers)Charge TimeBattery
Bolt449,000751004 HoursLithium-ion
Retro299,00065903 HoursLithium-ion
Retro 1969449,000751004 HoursLithium-ion


Evee has also risen to prominence in the past few days with the launch of the C1 electric scooter. Its minimalistic, yet futuristic design, rider-friendly ergonomics, and relatively cheap price have won over many Pakistanis. Currently, evee’s lineup has only one scooter, the details of which are as follows:

ModelsPrice (Rs.)Top-Speed (km/h)Range (Kilometers)Charge TimeBattery
C1175,0005560OvernightEV Dry Gel

In terms of daily use, e-bikes are an enticing prospect, but they will not have a good resale value due to the motor and battery aging.

Even though e-bike competition is picking up in Pakistan — which is good news for the buyers — the reliability and practicality of these bikes are yet to be determined. Some early adopters are already experiencing these bikes and will likely share their thoughts on the long-term ownership experience of these bikes.

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