Samsung’s Charging Upgrade is Coming to Older Galaxy Phones

Just as rumors predicted, Samsung introduced a new “bypass charging” feature with its new Galaxy S23 phones. This feature delivers power directly to the phone without charging up the battery to prevent heating and prolong the battery’s health.

It is primarily meant for gaming purposes, which is why it is also available on some of Asus’s ROG Phones.

Samsung is now rolling out bypass charging to some of its older phones through an update on its Game Launcher application. Older flagships including the Galaxy S22 and some Z Fold devices are already getting this update.

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However, Samsung is yet to clarify which devices are officially supported for bypass charging, but more Samsung phones are getting this feature by the day. This shows that it is most likely an unplanned rollout as some devices are getting it while others are not. It may also have to do with regional variations.

If you have a recent Samsung flagship, try updating the Game Launcher application to get bypass charging on your phone. The latest version at the time of writing is Start the Game Launcher and go into the Game Booster options to verify it for yourself.

image credit: soyacincau

There should be a toggle called “Pause USB Power Delivery”. Note that your phone needs to be above 20% charge for this feature to work.

Some reports have claimed that this feature only works with Samsung’s 45W Power Delivery (PD) charger, but that is likely just a false rumor as such a feature should not be limited by a charging brick.

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