Concave AGRI Launches ‘Aster’ Content Management System in an Effort to Digitize Agri Sector

The currency of the 21st century is data and Concave AGRI is committed to utilizing technology and data-driven solutions. Aster, a content management system (CMS), is their most recent development.

The goal is to elevate their services and deepen their understanding of the demographics of Pakistan’s agricultural sector, fostering innovation.

Concave AGRI is a business centered around the agriculture sector of Pakistan and is dedicated to helping this crucial part of our community thrive and prosper.

It is a platform that brings together highly experienced and passionate agricultural, technical, and business experts together to work toward a common goal.

This goal is to provide internationally competitive agriculture solutions to combat food security challenges, address issues faced by farmers, and educate farmers and the wider community on the importance of adopting climate-smart and sustainable practices and lifestyles.

Driven by the vision of elevating farmers which will consequently be beneficial to the entire agriculture sector was the development of this highly comprehensive CMS, Aster.

It is a database system that integrates several components and factors relating to a farmer.

Aster is a highly secure platform for storing and managing information with an architecture system deployed on cloud infrastructure. The data curated is used to identify trends and gain insightful information.

From field advisors to helpline operators, everyone has access to this valuable data which enables them to respond to farmers’ concerns.

Concave AGRI has always been at the forefront of integrating technology-driven solutions in agriculture advancements.

AgriSense is one of their most remarkable initiatives that collects, analyses, and transforms data into insightful reports on topics concerning the agricultural sector of Pakistan. Their report “Flood Impact 2022 Sindh” received high acclaim.

Providing solutions and consultancy specific to the farmer and opting to use Aster to manage data efficiently, opens doors to higher productivity, informed decisions, and technological advancement in the agriculture community.

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