Rawalpindi’s Single Remaining Shelter Home Shut Down

The Punjab interim government has shut down the city’s solitary shelter house (Panahgah), which offered free food and shelter to the destitute and needy.

This three-story refuge home in Fawara Chowk could house 100 individuals at a time and provide free meals thrice a day to the needy.

As per the reports, homeless people were evicted from the shelter along with their possessions, and the boards and posters were taken down. Furthermore, all of the shelter’s employees were fired.

Previous Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan opened the shelter house on 16 December 2019, and over 1.19 million individuals have received refuge there since its inception, according to statistics. Unfortunately, the district government took away all of the mattresses, linens, tables, and chairs.

Junaid Khan and Waliullah, both laborers, sought refuge and dinner at the facility on Wednesday but were turned away and told that the free food and lodging had been withdrawn.

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