Sheffield Emerges as a Leading Gaming Hub in The UK

Sheffield has been ranked as the 10th gaming capital of the UK, according to a recent study by a Japanese casino guide, 6takarakuji.

The study analyzed and ranked video game companies, universities with computer science programs, and the average salaries of game developers in major cities across the UK.

Sheffield ranks 8th for a population-to-gaming company ratio of 16,864 people per company and 14th for its population-to-university ratio of 278,250 per university. The city has 2 universities offering computer science to those pursuing a game development career, including the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Ham University. On average, game developers in Sheffield earn £45,186 per year.

The study declares Manchester as the UK’s gaming capital with 46 gaming companies, 1 per 12,000 people. The University of Manchester tops the list of 7 universities offering computer science degrees in the city. Game developers in Manchester earn £49,878 annually.

According to the 6takarakuji’s spokesperson, individuals seeking a gaming profession have many opportunities across the country, with Sheffield offering an exceptional blend of learning and employment prospects.

Here are the top 10 gaming cities in the UK:

RankCityGaming Company to City PopulationComputer Science University to City PopulationGame Developer Annual SalaryIndex score
7Newcastle upon Tyne27,29130,020£43,08323


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