Starlink’s Global Roaming Gives You Internet Outside Coverage Areas

Starlink has announced a new satellite internet service that enables users to connect from nearly anywhere on land globally, according to a message that some Starlink customers have received.

The company, owned by SpaceX, is calling it the “Global Roaming Service” and is charging $200 per month in addition to the base $599 Starlink Kit and $110/month internet charges.

The service uses Starlink’s inter-satellite links, also known as space lasers, to provide connectivity globally. However, it comes with a significant caveat.

In its message to users, Starlink warns that they should anticipate Starlink’s typical high-speed, low-latency service mixed with short periods of poor or no connectivity, although this is expected to improve significantly over time.

At the moment, it is unclear how Starlink plans to provide internet connectivity from anywhere. It is currently awaiting regulatory approval in multiple countries, including India, Pakistan, and Cambodia, and is completely inaccessible in some regions.

Available Outside Coverage Zones

However, PCMag has reported that the company is providing the Global Roaming service to certain users located beyond the company’s coverage zones, such as Greenland.

Starlink already allows you to travel with their satellite dishes, known as “Dishy”, but the Global Roaming service appears to offer even more flexibility.

Currently, the $135 per month Starlink RV plan enables you to install Starlink’s hardware in recreational vehicles for internet connectivity on the road, with the option of purchasing a more expensive dish for internet access during travel.

Nonetheless, the RV plan is restricted to certain regions and does not prioritize internet access in the same way as it does for residential customers, resulting in slower speeds.

Starlink’s Global Roaming plan offers a more unrestrained method of using its satellite internet while traveling worldwide, according to the company.

Like the RV plan, users will have the ability to suspend the Global Roaming service at any point. However, it remains uncertain whether Starlink will provide priority internet access to those who subscribe to the service.

Furthermore, as Starlink points out, customers located outside of the United States are responsible for serving as the Importer of Record for the Starlink Kit, implying that customers must ensure the Kit complies with local laws and regulations and pay customs duties and import taxes.

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