Chairman CDA Forms New Committee to Resolve Rising Number of Complaints

The Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Captain Noor ul Amin Mengal, has taken notice of the increasing number of complaints from citizens and has established a High Powered Facilitation Committee to quickly address these issues.

The committee will be headed by the CDA Chairman and will consist of members from various departments, including Planning, Estate, Engineering, Environment, Law, and Coordination.

The Deputy Director General of Coordination, Yasir Farhad, who was recently appointed by the Chairman, will serve as the committee’s secretary and provide support to ensure the committee runs smoothly.

During his first month in office, the Chairman noted that citizens were facing various problems related to trivial matters such as the allotment and possession of plots, building plan approvals, illegal occupations, and delays in the issuance of layout plans for housing societies.

The committee will also address complaints related to encroachment problems in different areas and natural streams of Islamabad. It will also tackle issues such as the illegal cutting of trees, environmental pollution, and problems faced by those affected by Islamabad’s development projects on a priority basis.

Once the committee is consulted, citizens can submit their complaints to the committee secretary. The committee will meet every week to discuss all complaints in detail, and the secretary will keep a record of all complaints and the progress made on them. The committee secretary will also work to resolve complaints immediately with the concerned Director-General.

The CDA’s High Powered Facilitation Committee aims to address citizens’ concerns in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring the development of Islamabad is done in a sustainable and responsible way.

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