Kia’s Best-Selling Car Gets Even More Expensive

Lucky Motor Corporation Limited (LMCL) has increased the prices of its best-selling vehicle, the Kia Sportage. The company hasn’t cited a particular reason for the hike. The US Dollar, albeit at Rs. 261, is now also staying put, which implies that the reason for the hike isn’t currency volatility.

Effective immediately, the new prices are as follows:

ModelOld Price (Rs.)Revised Price (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)
Sportage Alpha6,556,0006,650,00094,000
Sportage FWD7,111,0007,350,000239,000
Sportage AWD7,716,0007,900,000184,000

Recently, Kia increased the prices of the rest of its lineup as well, following a 1% hike in the General Sales Tax (GST) from 17% to 18%. Those price hikes were as follows:

ModelOld Price (Rs.)Revised Price (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)
Picanto Manual3,200,0003,228,00028,000
Picanto Automatic3,400,0003,430,00030,000
Stonic EX4,800,0004,842,00042,000
Stonic EX+5,250,0005,295,00045,000
Sportage Alpha6,500,0006,556,00056,000
Sportage FWD7,050,0007,111,00061,000
Sportage AWD7,650,0007,716,00066,000
Sorento FWD8,400,0008,472,00072,000
Sorent AWD9,100,0009,178,00078,000
Sorento V69,100,0009,178,00078,000
Grand Carnival15,000,00015,129,000129,000

Since the start of 2023, car prices have risen multi-fold, resulting in a decrease in demand for new cars. The car sales have also gone down due to a decline in production.

Despite that, Lucky Motor Corporation (LMCL) has witnessed a slight increase in sales, with Kia Sportage being its best-seller. According to a recent update from the oft-reliable, Kia sold 346 units of Sportage, making it the best-selling vehicle in its lineup.

Comparatively, the company sold only 103 Picantos, 129 Stonics, and 96 Sorentos. These figures allowed for a sales bump of 23% Month over Month (MoM).

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