PMDC Launches Online Portal for Doctors’ Registration

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has just developed a web-based platform to help doctors across the country.

As per a PMDC official, the licensing portal has been launched as a priority following the shift from the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) to the PMDC.

Almost 10,000 local medical graduates who have been seeking permanent registration for a long time are urged by the official to apply online for registration.

These graduates previously encountered difficulties as a result of the PMC’s rigid restrictions.

On the first day of service, the PMDC issued 1,500 registration certificates, and it also began providing good-standing accreditations and renewals.

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The official went on to say that the PMDC has abolished the need for Pakistani doctors to take the National Licensing Examination (NLE) in order to get permanent registration certificates.

Even after finishing Pakistani medical and dentistry institutes, local graduates were obliged to pass the NLE test before getting permanent registration under the former PMC rule.

Several doctors who had been unable to gain registration owing to this criterion are likely to profit from this adjustment.

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