Rawalpindi Admin is Shutting Down Illegal Businesses in Residential Areas

The district administration of Rawalpindi has decided to remove all small and large industries, warehouses, and other unlawful businesses from residential neighborhoods to the periphery.

The Civil Defense Department has organized five teams to assess residential areas where these unlawful firms are already functioning to carry out this strategy.

This survey is expected to be completed in two weeks. Afterward, the Rawalpindi Municipal Council, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), and the Cantonment Boards will take action against such enterprises.

According to Civil Defense Department District Officer Talib Hussain, various manufacturers producing textiles, cardboard, plastics, chemicals, and explosives are operating in residential districts and streets, posing a significant risk to citizens’ safety.

Moreover, these businesses are unlawfully stealing power and gas and evading taxes. As a result, they will be transferred and relocated outside of town within the next 90 days.

Those who refuse to leave after receiving red warnings will be subject to commercial property tax arrears, as well as energy and gas taxes and other penalties. Additionally, their companies will be closed.

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