Sharjah Launches New Intercity Bus Service

The Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA) launched a new bus route on 22 February in an effort to improve mass transit integration in the city. Route 811 will link Sharjah with Al Ain.

This new route is part of the Emirate’s expanding bus network to provide more options for visitors and residents.

Route 811 will depart from Al Jubail Bus Station, Sharjah, and travel through Maleha, Al Madam, Shuwaib, and Al Ain Bus Station.

The SRTA expressed optimism about the new route’s potential to improve connectivity between both cities and provide a more efficient way of traveling. It’s expected that the route will reduce travel time and provide commuters with a cost-effective option.

This announcement is part of the Sharjah government’s efforts to improve public transport services and reduce congestion in the emirate.

The SRTA has urged commuters and motorists to use the new route in order to reduce congestion on the roads. Passenger safety has also been assured by the authority.

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