Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon just lit up our sky with a beautiful sight

Skywatchers were treated to a delightful little spectacle this month thanks to a Venus, Jupiter, and Moon conjunction that saw the two planets settling in the sky next to the Moon. The clustering of these three cosmic entities was quite the sight in the night sky, and astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy managed to not just snap a photo, but also record the three aligned objects as they set.

McCarthy shared the photos and videos that he took of the Venus, Jupiter and Moon conjunction on Twitter and Instagram. You can see much of his work on those two platforms, and he also features many of the special shots that he takes on his website in print form.

Others, of course, joined the expedition to capture images of the Moon’s conjunction with Venus and Jupiter, and you can see those on Twitter and other social media. These conjunctions are notable because of the spectacle that they create in the sky, a spectacle that many sky watchers rush to see for themselves whenever they do happen.

If you want to see the latest Moon conjunction, though, I highly recommend checking out McCarthy’s video and photo, which I’ve linked to in this article. Even if you missed seeing the cosmic event in person, being able to witness them in photographs can still be inspiring, especially if you love seeing what kind of stellar shows the cosmos can create.

McCarthy began observing the stars back in 2017, according to his website, and since then, he’s captured countless amazing photographs of the cosmos, including this latest Moon conjunction, to share with the rest of the world. I’ve previously showcased some of his work when he captured an unreal photo of Saturn on its closest approach to Earth a few months ago.

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