Karachi to Face Even Higher Temperature This Summer: Expert

As per meteorological expert Jawad Memon, Karachi is expected to experience an even hotter summer this year, as temperatures in February are well above usual. Memon predicts that rising February temperatures will result in exceptionally hot temperatures in the following days.

Additionally, he has forewarned that the western system of winds, which is scheduled to impact northern Pakistan tomorrow (Sunday), might hit Karachi.

Memon forecasts an increase in the city’s temperature beginning Sunday, with the mercury possibly reaching 32-34 Celsius during the day. But he has also stated that due to the sea breeze blowing through the city, the weather may stay mild at night, with temperatures likely dipping to 18-20 Celsius.

Unfortunately, Pakistan has experienced an exceptional spike in temperatures, leading to longer and more severe summers and heavy rains as a result of global warming. The year before, the country was ravaged by devastating floods caused by monster monsoons.

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