Italy Announces 15,000 Visas for Pakistanis

Italy’s Ambassador to Pakistan, Andreas Ferrarese, has stated that his country issued visas to over 15,000 Pakistani citizens last year, with plans to issue even more visas this year.

During an interview with a local TV, Ferrarese revealed that the Pakistani community in Italy transferred €1 billion to Pakistan in 2022.

The Italian Envoy expressed hope that the number of visas issued to Pakistani nationals would continue to increase this year.

He added that Pakistan’s population of 220 million people represents a significant market for Italian goods.

The Ambassador also emphasized that Italy, like Pakistan, is grappling with an energy crisis and that both countries are turning to green energy sources. He said that the two nations are learning from each other’s experiences in addressing this issue.

In terms of tourism, Ferrarese stated that Italy and Pakistan want citizens of both countries to travel more frequently for tourism purposes.

While discussing his personal travel interests, the Envoy expressed a desire to visit Multan, a city in Pakistan that he has yet to explore despite having read and heard about its history.

Ferrarese’s comments underscore the growing relationship between Italy and Pakistan, which includes increased economic cooperation, energy reform efforts, and a shared interest in promoting tourism.

Via: 24 News

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