New Speed Breakers Removed From Islamabad Expressway After Backlash

Public outcry and a massive traffic jam finally prompted Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICTP) to come to its senses and remove speed breakers from the expressway.

The decision was aimed at “improving” safety and security measures in Islamabad. Yet, all it did was create a massive traffic jam on an extremely busy road, causing frustration among the masses.

The speed breaker was situated right before the Faizabad checkpost. The traffic jam’s tail-end touched Khanna Bridge, which is 6.4 kilometers from Faizabad.

Along with public frustration, congestion became an issue for emergency vehicles as well. A motorist told ProPakistani:

I saw three ambulances stuck in traffic at different points. They couldn’t move because of the traffic jam and we couldn’t give way to them because there was no space.

The worsening traffic situation caused the ICTP to undo the blunder and remove the speed breakers. The department also shared an official post, informing the masses of their removal.

Initially, ICTP defended its decision to construct the speed breaker, stating that it is essential for ensuring the safety and security of the capital. The department seemingly realized later that keeping the speed breakers was not an option.

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