New TikTok AI filter freaks internet out with how realistic it is

TikTok filters have just gone to the next level, as a new AI filter is blowing people’s minds. “Bold Glamour” already has 4.7M videos, and most users are shocked at how realistic it looks.

What’s so realistic about this filter is that even if you cover part of your face, it doesn’t disappear – which is something that happens with most filters. While users point out how problematic this could be for kids and teenagers, of course, it has already generated several funny videos from people who didn’t look good with the filter.

TikTok user Maxipadawan, for example, made a funny joke about how he looks after three glasses of wine compared to what he looks the following day without this filter. Another TikTok user, Dr. Monica Kieu, a facial plastic surgeon in California, broke down this filter by analyzing what’s going on with it:

Overall, it gave me smoother, glowy looking skin. Starting from the top down, you can see the brows are thicker and darker. This provides a great frame for the eyes. The lashes are way more prominent, and you can see they are longer and thicker on the outer corner of the eyes. There’s a really neutral brown eyeshadow that looks good pretty much on everybody. Combination of shadow and liner makes the eye overall look bigger. The nose has been countored to look slimmer and more refined. What blush and contouring did to the cheeks is genius as it makes the cheekbones really pop, and, of course, the lips overall bigger.

Personally, I didn’t look good in it – although some men did. At the end of the day, it’s important to remind ourselves that filters can be fun and exciting, but they shouldn’t change how we perceive ourselves, as most of them usually just make our cheeks thinner and our eyes more prominent.

You can see the current trending videos about this new TikTok filter by searching for the Bold Glamour filter.

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