RadioGPT will use AI to put your local DJ out of a job

Last week, media company Futuri launched RadioGPT, which it labels “the world’s first AI-driven localized radio content solution.” RadioGPT combines OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, Futuri’s own AI-driven story discovery and social content system, and AI voice technology to run a whole radio station with artificial intelligence in any market or format.

In order to find relevant stories to share, RadioGPT uses Futuri’s TopicPulse technology to scan Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more than 250k other sources. Once it collects enough stories, RadioGPT creates a script to use on the air, which AI voices will read. Radio stations can have up to three AI DJs host their shows. They can also train those AI hosts with an existing DJ’s voice to sound like their human hosts, which is the scariest thing I’ve written in weeks.

Beyond running a radio station without any real human intervention, RadioGPT can also generate social media posts, blogs, and other content about the show on the air in real time. Futuri offers an Instant Video add-on to make AI-driven videos on hot topics and an AI-enabled podcasting system to automatically publish shows on-demand after they end.

Futuri says Alpha Media, which owns and operates 207 radio stations across the US, and Rogers Sports & Media in Canada have already signed on as beta partners.

“As early AI innovators in the broadcast space, it’s only natural that we’re bringing the incredible power of GPT-3 technology, paired with groundbreaking technology like TopicPulse, to radio,” said Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig. “The ability for broadcasters to use RadioGPT™ to localize their on-air content in a turnkey fashion opens up resources for them to deepen their important home-field advantages in new and unique ways.”

If you want a demo of the technology in action, head to this link to stream a radio station powered by RadioGPT. It’s unsettling, but impressive.

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