Dubai Airport Issues New List of Banned and Allowed Items

The world’s busiest airport, Dubai International Airport (DXB), issued a reminder to passengers, stating that spare batteries or power banks mustn’t be carried inside their checked-in luggage due to safety hazards.

On Twitter, DXB urged travelers to pack these items in their carry-on luggage. DXB emphasized on its website that security checks are crucial for ensuring everyone’s safety during air travel.

According to the guidelines set by the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority, the following is a table showing permitted and banned items during air travel:

ItemsCarry-on Checked-inConditions
Baggage with installed lithium batteriesYesYesBatteries mustn’t have over 0.3 g lithium metal or lithium-ion must not exceed 2.7 Watt-hour (Wh). Removed batteries must be carried in the cabin if baggage is to be checked in.
Gas cylinders for mechanical limbsYesYesNon-flammable and non-toxic. Same-sized spare cylinders are allowed.
Hair styling equipment with hydrocarbon gas cartridgeYesYes1 cartridge per person. Packed in safety cover. Spare gas cartridges aren’t allowed.
Lithium BatteriesYesYesThe lithium-metal batteries must have a minimum of 2g lithium metal content, while lithium-ion batteries must’ve a Watt-hour rating not exceeding 100 Wh. All devices in checked baggage should be turned off.
Lithium battery-powered electronic devicesYesYesMust be between 100-160 Wh. Devices in checked baggage must be completely switched off.
Non-radioactive medicinal or toiletry articles (including aerosols)YesYesNo other hazardous substances.
Oxygen or air, gaseous, cylindersYesYesMustn’t be over 5 kg. Liquid oxygen systems are prohibited.
Batteries (spare or loose)YesNoMaximum lithium metal content mustn’t be over 2g with a maximum 100Wh. 20 spare batteries are allowed per person. Non-spillable batteries can’t be over 12V and 100Wh. 2 spare batteries are allowed per person.
Fuel cellsYesNoFuel cells must be contained in the device it is powering.
E-cigarettesYesNoE-cigarettes must be protected to prevent accidental activation. Smoking is prohibited inside a plane.
Mobility Aids (lithium-ion batteries)YesNo
Mobility Aids (non-spillable wet batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, or dry batteries)NoYes
Battery-powered wheelchairs or other similar mobility devices with spillable batteries or lithium-ion batteriesNoYes
Thermometer, medical or clinical, (containing mercury)NoYes1 per person.

Note here that the above-mentioned list may vary. Travelers are advised to contact Dubai Airports or the General Civil Aviation Authority for further confirmation.

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