Passenger Kills Online Ride-Hailing Driver in Lahore

According to reports, a terrible event occurred in Lahore on Tuesday, in which a passenger reportedly killed an online ride-hailing service driver during an argument. The police discovered that the offender was Waqar, who had hired a cab to reach his destination.

As the taxi arrived, Waqar had a heated conversation with the driver, Fakhar, which turned into a furious exchange. Regrettably, the argument turned violent when Waqar pulled out a revolver and shot Fakhar on the spot, killing him.

Waqar has been arrested, and the authorities have filed a complaint against him. They are launching an extensive investigation to bring the criminal to justice.

In a similar case in 2021, an online cab driver in Lahore went missing, and his body was discovered later. One suspect, Mohsin, was arrested, but it was later revealed that he was not directly involved in the murder.

Further investigations led to the identification of the prime suspect, Tahir, who had gone into hiding to avoid being caught by the police. During questioning, it was discovered that Tahir had shot Muhammad Ali out of anger. The police were able to track down the perpetrator and ensure justice was served for the victim and his family.

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