PM Shehbaz Shocked at Massive Increase in Chicken Prices

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has inquired why chicken meat was so expensive in the country if everything was under control and there was no food shortage.

Aware that chicken meat had transformed into a luxury food item as its price soared past Rs. 700 per kg, the premier during a meeting on the availability and price control of essential items during Ramazan questioned the officials in charge about why the price of chicken had risen after last week’s new taxes when there was no shortage of food.

While giving the district administration and law enforcement in the federation and provinces free rein, the PM said profiteers, hoarders, and overcharging would face harsh punishment. He also ordered cleaning operations in godowns, shops, and markets before Ramadan and directed officials to deal harshly with sellers ripping off victims of last year’s floods.

Later, the premier warned that action will be taken against officers in the affected areas if there is any disruption in demand and supply or commodity prices. Then he again slammed the officials for failing to keep chicken meat prices under control.

Before Ramazan, the PM ordered to ensure quality items at utility stores across the country, and that mobile utility stores be set up during the holy month.

Committee Formed to Oversee Austerity Measures

Keeping up with his usual habits of overhiring, the PM earlier on Sunday established a committee to oversee the implementation of austerity measures announced last week. He directed that a notification be issued regarding the committee’s formation.

This is the prime minister’s second committee in less than a month tasked with cutting government spending through austerity measures.

On January 20, a 15-member committee led by former bureaucrat Nasir Mahmood Khosa was formed to present cost-cutting proposals within 15 days. However, the committee was unable to meet even once and eventually disbanded.

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