PTA Allows Jazz to Test New Messaging App For its Users

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has granted BIP trial permission to JAZZ.

Sources in the PTA told ProPakistani, the authority has issued provisional permission to JAZZ for trials in collaboration with BIP communication technologies for an initial period of two months with effect from 15th March 2023.

BIP is an easy-to-use free communication application, which offers fast and secure messaging, high-quality voice and video calls, etc.

BIP also allows users the ease of discovering channels like food, sports, entertainment, and fashion. It has more than 192 million users in different countries of the world.

According to the sources, JAZZ has been allowed to trial the BIP application after security clearance. After this permission for trials, Jazz SIM will be linked with the BIP application.

Other mobile phone operators have been informed by PTA about allowing JAZZ BIP application trials.

According to PTA Officials, JAZZ has been issued trial permission for the BIP application to promote technologies and improve indoor network access.

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In areas where mobile service is not available or it is not good, the user’s call will be automatically routed to Wi-Fi if there is good internet service.

According to Officials, the trials will be conducted on a non-exclusive and non-permanent basis and calls shall be made for JAZZ intra-network only. PTA protocols will be strictly adhered to during trials.

Special safeguards will be taken to protect DIRBS and other systems of PTA and all precautionary measures will be taken in this regard.

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