Spotify’s New Update Will Let You Add Songs Quicker

In a recent blog post, Spotify announced that it would be eliminating the heart icon used to add ‘Liked Songs’, but this decision was made for a greater cause.

Previously, the heart icon was used “to mark the songs you wanted to save”, and the “Add to playlist” icon was used to add tracks or episodes to your preferred playlist. Going forward, these two functions have been combined into a single plus icon.

Upon clicking the plus icon, you can now effortlessly save and select the destination for any song, playlist, or podcast with a single tap.

To save a song or podcast episode, simply tap the plus button. Once your selection has been successfully added to Liked Songs or Your Episodes, the plus symbol will transform into a green checkmark. Tapping on the checkmark allows you to modify the destination of the saved content.

Additionally, clicking the plus button now enables you to add an entire album, playlist, or audiobook to Your Library.

According to Spotify, this is just one of the many steps being taken to “create a more intuitive experience – all leading to an easier way for you to engage with the music and podcasts you love.” This means we can expect to see more changes in the near future, but the details remain unclear.

The new plus icon/button is being rolled out to all iOS and Android users starting today and will be available on other platforms “in the coming weeks”.

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