All-New Toyota Prius PHEV Can Power a House For 5 Days

The fifth-generation 2023 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid (PHEV) went on sale in Japan after its world premiere in November 2022.

The latest PHEV variant gives Japanese Prius buyers three engine options: a 140-horsepower (hp) 1.8-liter hybrid, a 196-hp 2.0-liter hybrid, and a 223-hp 2.0-liter plug-in hybrid. All power output figures include engine and electric motor output.

According to the WLTC test ratings, on 17-inch wheels, Prius PHEV gets a 30.1 km/liter fuel average, while on 19-inch wheels, it gets a 26 km/liter fuel average.

Using a Japanese domestic 200V power socket, a full charge takes 4.5 hours and provides the electric motor with a driving range of 105 km (with 17-inch wheels) or 87 km (when using 19-inch wheels).

Prius PHEV has a second-generation roof-mounted solar charging system. Toyota calculates 1,250 km of electric-only driving range per year using Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association Labeling Guidelines.

Prius PHEV also has a vehicle-to-load (V2L) feature which allows it to power an average Japanese household for five days. Also, because it’s a hybrid and not a pure EV, the engine also assists in this feature.

In Japan, Prius PHEV starts at the equivalent of Rs. 9.4 million, which places it close to Haval H6 HEV. Although, its useful features and frugal powertrain is likely to appeal to hybrid car buyers with deep pockets.

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