Islamabad’s Bhara Kahu Flyover Sees Another Accident Within 1 Week

Reports have emerged of yet another incident on the under-construction Bhara Kahu flyover in Islamabad. This time, a girder reportedly collapsed during the placing operation, leading to the closure of roads on both sides.

This is the 2nd incident in just a week. In the first one, the shuttering of the flyover collapsed, resulting in the death of 2 laborers and injuring 3 others.

Eyewitnesses reported that the girder collapsed with a loud bang, and a cloud of dust covered the site. However, no fatalities or injuries have been reported so far. Here’s the video of the recent incident that has gone viral over social media:


The Bhara Kahu flyover is being constructed to ease traffic congestion on the main Murree Road. However, the 2 accidents have raised serious questions about the quality of the construction and the safety measures. Motorists have been advised to take alternative routes to avoid inconvenience.

Islamabad Police has issued a statement regarding the incident in a tweet saying:

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