Karachi University Students Develop Energy-Efficient Low-Cost Food Appliances

During a recent food equipment expo hosted on campus at the University of Karachi, students from the Food Science & Technology Department displayed a wide range of inexpensive and energy-efficient appliances meant to cook and preserve food.

Haris Kamran’s air fryer, which distributes hot air around meals with barely a drop of oil, was a notable creation. Kamran stated that he created the machine in six days with a cost of only Rs. 9,000 and that it has a maximum temperature of 160 degrees, making it a healthier substitute to regular fryers.

Sohaib Malik’s mini refrigerator was also an excellent product since he designed it with an eco-friendly thermoelectric microchip that utilizes less harmful gas than standard refrigerators. The mini refrigerator, as per Malik, can achieve a temperatures as low as -12 degrees Celsius.

Another important creation was Ariba Khan’s dough kneading machine, which, owing to its 250-volt gear motor, can knead more than 5 kg of flour in just a few minutes. Khan revealed that she spent Rs. 10,000 on the prototype.

According to Assistant Professor Dr. Zubala Yasir, 13 projects were displayed at the expo, and different organizations showed interest in cooperating with the participants to further develop their innovations.

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