Pakistani Schools in Dubai Display Promising Improvement in Ranking

Pakistani and Indian private schools in Dubai have shown significant improvement in their rankings, according to the latest inspection report. Out of 32 Indian and 2 Pakistani private schools, 1 school has been ranked ‘outstanding’ and 10 ‘very good.’

This is the first full inspection conducted since the COVID-19 pandemic. 2 schools with Pakistani curriculum, Gulf Model School and Pakistan Educational Academy, have moved from ‘weak’ to ‘acceptable’ rankings.

Fatma Belrehif, CEO of Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau, expressed satisfaction with the improvements and stated that schools could still improve in areas such as enhancing the ways they collect and use well-being data, developing the quality of teaching and learning for early years, and refining self-evaluation and improvement planning processes.

According to the inspection report, majority of schools in Dubai have shown commitment to improving the quality of education. They’ve invested in upgrading their infrastructure and curriculum, ensuring students receive a quality education.

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