Security and Equipment Issues Plague First Day of Census in Karachi

A census employee in Landhi, Karachi, got his cell phone stolen while completing his duty on Wednesday, the inaugural day of the 7th Population and Housing Census exercise. Sohail, an enumerator operating in Block-107 Charge 3, C-1 Area Landhi, was robbed by two criminals who stole his phone and fled on a motorcycle.

This is not a unique incident, since census workers were apparently not given any security by the civil government. As a result, they are obliged to work in the field unprotected.

The lack of security has also impeded census workers in the Central and Orangi districts. Furthermore, there have been major technical obstacles with the self-enumeration portal, with the residential district on the registration web portal being inactive and the current residential tehsil being unsuitable for data submission.

Female census workers have raised their concerns, refusing to perform their duties without security for fear of having their tablets stolen. Despite these reservations, the civil authorities in both districts have failed to address the matter, leaving census workers disgruntled.

Commissioner Karachi and the Deputy Commissioners of both districts were unavailable to remark on the matter upon being approached for comment.

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