You Can Now Get UAE Tourist Visa Using a Messaging App

A VOIP calling and Instant Messaging app, BOTIM, has launched a new feature, allowing foreigners to apply for UAE tourist visas. The company has launched this app in collaboration with, a travel website.

The new feature will benefit tourists from Pakistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, India, and Egypt. These are the countries with the most demand for 30-day and 60-day single-entry visit visas.

The feature will also make it easier for expats to bring their families or friends to the UAE. It’ll remove the need for online searches, emails, phone calls, and finding visa agents.

People can apply for a tourist visa on this app in 4 simple steps, including a selection of relevant visa service, submission of personal details, documentation, and payment.

BOTIM, as it claims, will finish the entire process in 24-72 hours. It’s much faster than other methods that normally take 3-5 days. The app also offers an express facility with a 24-hour visa processing time. People can also track their application status through the app.

After their entry into UAE, visit visa-holders will also get free internet calls, mobile balance, and other services via BOTIM.

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