Around Half of UAE Residents Received Annual Bonuses in 2022

Almost 50% of United Arab Emirates (UAE) residents got bonuses in 2022, as revealed in a survey conducted by YouGov, a British market research firm, and Zurich International Life, an insurance company.

According to details, 31% of respondents got up to AED 20,000 bonus, and 5% received over AED 50,000.

YouGov surveyed approximately 1,200 people in January 2023, including parents and married individuals of different income groups, countries, professions, ages, and gender.

Almost 82% of bonus recipients intend to use the money for their future, with 24% investing in real estate, 17.6% saving for retirement, 15% paying off debts, and 14% funding their children’s education.

The survey found that family and friends influenced the bonus spending decisions of 75% of UAE residents.

Additionally, employer and market trends were also significant factors, accounting for 22%. Peers had an influence on 18% of the respondents, while recommendations from a financial advisor were considered by 13%.

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