Xiaomi’s New Battery Doubles Energy Density for Electric Cars

Xiaomi, like many other tech companies, is currently focusing on developing solid-state batteries for mobile devices and EVs.

Recently, the Chinese company announced a significant breakthrough in achieving an energy density of 1,000 Wh/l, which is more than double the current energy density of most EVs at around 450 Wh/l.

Apart from the impressive energy density, solid-state batteries also have better low-temperature performance compared to lithium batteries. Xiaomi claims that these batteries can improve efficiency by 20% at -20°C.

Additionally, these batteries are safer than their liquid electrolyte counterparts as they don’t explode when punctured.

By coating the positive electrode with solid electrolyte ceramics, the engineers enhanced the battery’s durability. Xiaomi tested the prototype on a Xiaomi 13 smartphone, which was able to accommodate a 6,000 mAh unit despite its small size.

But note that the actual Xiaomi 13 only has a standard 4,500 mAh lithium polymer battery and solid-state batteries are not coming to smartphones anytime soon. Xiaomi is only testing the technology for electric vehicles at the moment.

However, the real challenge for this state-of-the-art technology is mass production and economic feasibility.

Although Xiaomi still has a significant amount of work to do, if it continues to progress at its current rate, it’s possible that we could see an electric vehicle powered by a solid-state battery from Xiaomi in the near future.

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