Decision on Minimum Marriage Age Announced by Federal Shariat Court

The Federal Shariat Court (FSC) issued its decision on the minimum marriage age as part of the Sindh Child Marriages Restriction Act 2013 on Monday. According to reports, the minimum age of marriage being 18 years is not in contradiction with Islam.

The bench, which included sitting Chief Justice Syed Muhammad Anwar and Justice Khadim Hussain M. Sheikh, gave the verdict.

Ali Azhar, Arzoo Fatima’s ex-husband, filed the suit, which disputed Sections 2A and 8 of the Sindh Child Marriages Restriction Act 2013. The court dismissed the petition and ruled that the government had the jurisdiction to set a minimum marriage age. Moreover, the court found that this action did not violate Islamic law.

It is important to note that Azhar contended in his plea that the Sindh Child Marriages Restriction’s minimum marriage age of 18 years was not in accordance with Islamic law. 

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