Govt’s Incompetence Destroys Pakistan’s First Space Observatory Project

The incompetence of the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) has resulted in the stopping of Pakistan’s first space observatory plan. The Chairman of the PSF acknowledged that this caused millions of losses to the national exchequer.

In April 2021, the then Minister of Science Fawad Chaudhry laid the foundation stone of the project. However, the cost of space observation equipment increased by Rs. 20 million due to the untimely importing.

The Chairman mentioned that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) did not build a building for the space observatory as promised, which caused the import of equipment to be canceled.

The cost of equipment for the space observatory was Rs. 15 million at that time. Due to the rise of the dollar, the price of the equipment rose, according to Chairman Dr. Shahid Baig.

PSF decided to buy devices from its own funds, and costs didn’t matter. If there was no regime change, the project would have been completed comfortably, the Chairman added.

PSF Officers and the Ministry of Science are in touch, according to Shahid Baig. He also mentioned that there was a verbal contract with the CDA to build a building for the space observatory, but the CDA did not sign a building contract for the space center, which the CDA rejects.

Officials from the CDA have said that they allotted the land for the space observatory, but they did not promise to build a building for the space observatory, and the Ministry of Science did not contact the CDA regarding the construction of the building.

However, sources revealed that a tender for space observatory devices was released in October 2021, and other devices, including telescopes, were to be purchased for the space observatory.

Additionally, the space museum was also supposed to be established with the space observatory. The space observatory was also going to be used for academic research.

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