Keanu Reeves confirms he’s talked to James Gunn about Constantine 2

Keanu Reeves has starred in some of the best action movies of the last few decades, from Point Break and Speed to The Matrix and John Wick. Of course, not all of the actor’s movies have been commercial and critical hits. Back in 2005, Warner Bros. Pictures and Keanu made Constantine, a movie loosely based on DC’s Hellblazer comic book series. Critics panned the movie, but over the years, it developed a significant cult following, with fans constantly pleading with WB to greenlight Constantine 2. At long last, they might finally get their wish.

Keanu Reeves in talks for Constantine 2

On Saturday, March 4, Keanu Reeves hosted a well-attended AMA session on Reddit. There are more than 32,000 comments, but one specific response from Reeves gave fans of the DC movie hope that there might be a future for the demon-exorcising detective.

One Redditor asked Reeves if he has spoken to James Gunn (who was recently put in charge of the entire DC Universe) about Constantine 2. “Hope we get to see it!” the Redditor added.

“Yes, and me too,” Reeves responded.

As exciting as Reeves’ response was for fans of the actor, the movie, and the fictional character, it isn’t really news. Last September, Deadline reported Warner Bros. would reteam with Reeves and director Francis Lawrence for “another installment” of Constantine.

Akiva Goldsman (Batman Forever, I Am Legend) was tapped to write the screenplay and produce the movie through his Weed Road Pictures alongside Bad Robot.

That was before Gunn took over and rebooted the DC Universe. He now has to decide whether or not Keanu Reeves’ Constantine fits in his new cinematic universe. That said, even if the character doesn’t work alongside Superman, Supergirl, and Swamp Thing, DC has Elseworlds. That’s how The Batman Part II and Joker: Folie à Deux can coexist with the main DCU.

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