Sindh Launches Action Against Citizens Throwing Garbage in Nullahs

The Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB) will take action against scavengers who leave garbage outside the dustbins after searching through the trash for valuable items.

In a recent meeting, Managing Director (MD) SSWMB, Imtiaz Ali Shah, ordered the implementation of Section 144 to prosecute individuals who throw garbage in and around nullahs.

The SSWMB also plans to hire unorganized garbage collectors to fill the gap of sanitary workers in the board and collect trash door-to-door across Karachi.

According to reports, scavengers sift through the SSWMB’s dustbins and leave the garbage on the streets or dump them in stormwater drains. This causes streets to become dirty and drains to be choked.

The SSWMB has urged people to file complaints against those who throw garbage in nullahs and stated that action will be taken against scavengers or anyone else found throwing trash in drains or in their surroundings.

The MD has also announced that traders who buy items from scavengers will face legal action. The relevant authorities, including assistant commissioners, deputy commissioners, and police stations, will also be involved in the coordination and enforcement of this initiative.

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