Dubai Taxi Corp. App Gets New Safety Feature

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has introduced a new service to the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) app called ‘In-Safe Hands’ to boost the security of taxis in the city.

‘In-Safe Hands’ enables parents to pre-book taxis for their children on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It’s designed to cover areas where school buses don’t go, ensuring the safe arrival of students at their destinations.

The addition of the new service to the DTC app is in line with Dubai’s digitization strategy. Abdullah Ibrahim Al Meer, Director of Digitization and Commercial Development, DTC, stated,

The In-Safe Hands service is one of RTA’s initiatives to enhance the school transport service in the emirate. Last year, the service achieved a significant increase in demand, especially during the school year, and many parents of students and families are dependent on it.

Parents can now transport their children to/from school safely with this new addition, giving them peace of mind.

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