Institute of Space Technology Hacked, Student and Staff’s Personal Data Up for $500,000 in Ransom

A hacker group called Medusa has reportedly hit a public university in Islamabad, The Institute of Space Technology (IST), with a ransomware attack and, is demanding up to $500,000 for the stolen data.

The attack is the latest in a string of similar incidents that have been occurring across the globe in recent years, with ransomware groups targeting organizations of all sizes and types. Medusa ransomware is known for encrypting the victim’s data and then demanding payment in exchange for the decryption key that will unlock it.

In the case of IST, the samples added by the hackers include passports, payslips, analysis details, and other sensitive information. The hackers are demanding $500,000 in exchange for the decryption key to recover the data. If the university wants an additional day before the data is leaked into the dark web, the hackers are demanding an additional $10,000.

The hackers had originally given IST 9 days to comply, but now there are only 7 days left and it remains to be seen how IST will respond to the situation. We reached out to the university for a comment on the matter, but a relevant spokesperson was not available at the time of writing.

The attack highlights the importance of organizations taking proactive measures to protect their data from such attacks. Ransomware groups are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their tactics, and it is essential for organizations to take steps to safeguard their data, including implementing security protocols, conducting regular backups, and educating staff on cybersecurity best practices.

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