Karachi Reports Over 4000 Cases of Bike Theft in One Month

Karachi is under the tyranny of street criminals who continue to exploit the people’s helplessness. According to a media report, the city saw over 7,000 street crimes in February alone.

These include 2,255 mobile thefts, 4,054 motorcycle thefts whereby 326 motorcycles were taken at gunpoint, and 163 car theft reports.

Officials said that 15 civilians were detained from their vehicles for possessing illegal weapons.

Crackdown Against Illegal Cars

Sharjeel Inam Memon, Sindh Minister for Information, Transport, and Mass Transit, announced a citywide crackdown in Karachi on fake number plates, unregistered vehicles, tinted windows, and carrying weapons.

Memon stated that only those with an arms license are permitted to conceal their weapons, no one is permitted to display them in order to assert dominance.

The authorities stated that this operation is also to curb the use of unregistered vehicles in street crimes. They seek to include the maximum number of cars and bikes in the government’s database to track vehicles involved in suspicious activity.

However, with street crimes rising, the claims of the police to control them are starting to look futile.

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