Metro Bus Catches Fire Again at 6th Road Rawalpindi

Once again, a metro bus caught fire at Rawalpindi’s 6th Road metro bus station. This is the second such incident within seven months.

A video on social media shows a bus emitting smoke from the rear compartment. The authorities are yet to confirm the source of the fire. However, since the engines of these buses are in the back, the fire is likely due to the engine overheating.

A video recorded by a passerby showed dense smoke bellowing from the bus at the metro station surrounded by a hoard of people looking at the scene curiously.

Reports suggest that two victims were taken to a nearby medical facility due to suffocation from smoke. Although, most of the passengers made it out safely from the burning bus.

In August 2022, in a similar incident, a metro bus caught fire at Rehmanabad station at Rawalpindi. The reports have gripped frequent metro users in fear who demand an investigation into the recurring fire incidents in metro buses.

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