Pakistan Navy Seizes Rs. 4 Billion Worth of Meth in Arabian Sea

During a regional marine security operation on Tuesday, the Pakistan Navy successfully prevented a massive drug smuggling operation in the Arabian Sea and captured a staggering 280 kg of crystal meth, with an international market value of above Rs. 4 billion.

A Pakistan Navy spokesperson stated that the recovered substance was turned over to law enforcement agencies for further proceedings.

This capture is the result of the Pakistan Navy’s careful and effective monitoring at sea, which resulted in preventing the drug-smuggling operation.

In a similar operation in November, the Pakistan Navy captured around Rs. 8.6 billion (5,800 Kg) in drugs using two PN ships and an air unit.

As per the details, two suspected dhows (small boats) were seized and inspected by navy ships during maritime security operations in the Northern Arabian Sea. A substantial number of narcotics were confiscated as a result of the inspection. The dhows were subsequently turned over to law enforcement for additional legal proceedings.

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