PIA Employees With Fake Degrees Get a Huge Relief

On Tuesday, the National Assembly’s (NA) special committee for affected government employees made a decisive move by ordering the restoration of the terminated PIA workers.

The workers had been accused of holding fake degrees, resulting in their dismissals. The NA committee issued clear directives to reinstate these workers, along with those who had retired under the Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS).

In addition, the committee instructed that the seniority and previous personal numbers of these affected employees be restored. However, the employees who had retired under the VSS were given a specific directive to return the funds they had received from the early retirement scheme.

The NA body also ordered the regularisation of 2,600 temporary and contractual employees of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA).

To further ensure the restoration of the PIA workers, the committee requested that concerned authorities withdraw the cases against them regarding the alleged fake degrees.

The NA committee has taken decisive action to provide relief to the affected government employees, with an aim to bring back the PIA workers who were dismissed on accusations of holding fake degrees.

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