Senior Doctor Brutally Murdered During Holi

After a disagreement with his driver, well-known dermatologist Dr. Dharam Dev Raathi was stabbed to death in Hyderabad. As per investigators, the doctor’s body was recovered from his home, while his chef was located comatose in the kitchen.

The victim’s relatives live in the United States, while he resided in Citizen Colony. The murder instantly drew the notice of Gian Chand, the Provincial Minister for Minority Affairs, who ordered a report from SSP Hyderabad Amjad Sheikh.

The police reported that when the doctor arrived at his residence, he and his driver engaged in a dispute which ended in the latter seizing a knife and cutting the doctor’s throat. The driver then drove away in the victim’s vehicle.

Authorities searched the area to find the perpetrator but could not catch him. The murderer’s motivation is undetermined, and an investigation is now underway.

The provincial minister offered his sympathies and denounced the horrific conduct, calling it a regrettable and cruel method to murder a peaceful citizen.

Likewise, The Young Consultant Association Sindh (YCAS) strongly denounced the horrific murder, expressing their great sadness in a statement published today.

They also demanded a comprehensive and in-depth inquiry into the occurrence to uncover the evidence and bring the perpetrator to justice.

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